Achieve to Craft is Sly's Minecraft mini series where he has to complete all the Achievements related to Minecraft.


The Map was made on the latest snapshot, Sly decided to do it once seeing Caveman Films' Let's play. The main goal of the map is to get achievements, but you are confined in a barrier that will only expand once you get an achievement, thus increasing the range ever so slightly. Sometimes animals will drop down from the sky and land on the quartz block, Sly saw this and called the block of quartz the "Quartz God", this is how Berny the pig came to be. 


  1. Locked up!
  2. Trees, Cows worst enemy
  3. Fishing for Fishing
  4. Jazzy fish time!
  5. Back to Back Saltiness!
  6. Hit that Sly with the Shovel shovel!
  7. EnderFest!
  8. It starts with ONE
  9. Something seems familiar
  10. Death Counter Begins
  11. Epic Battles!
  12. How Cocky was I in this video?
  13. Nether Luck!
  14. Breaking Friends: Me edition


  • He had the name "Achieve to Craft" in mind for another series before this one came along.
  • Spencer edited this series, a running gag is to try and make him edit random stuff in.