Kevin "GoldenBlackHawk" McFarlane, also known as TomAnex, is the newest member of the Creatures. Kevin is well known for his major role in Sly's Minecraft Daily series.


Before YouTubeEdit

Kevin had been a long time fan of the Creatures, particularly Sp00n and Kootra, before he even began posting videos on his channel. He even played on the Creature server, being spotted in the chat log on Ze's creature server Minecraft series several times.


He became a Machinima Realm director in 2011. By the end of the year, his channel only had a few thousand subscribers, although many of them had discovered him through ImmortalHD's Missioncraft series. 

Relationship with SlyEdit

His newfound companionship with Sly eventually led to his inclusion in Minecraft Daily as a guest, and ultimately a main cast member. However the series went on a hiatus following episode 339 in November 2013. When the series returned six months later in May 2014, Kevin was not present for the session, or in any others for the rest of Season 1.  In November 2013, Kevin joined the fifth season of Minecraft Marriage, replacing ImmortalHD. He was joined by Sly, Rachel and AshleyMariee in this series.   Sly and Kevin currently don't record with each other since he joined the Creatures.