Hipo (pronounced E-Po) is Sly's pet Slime in Minecraft. He was first found during Minecraft Beta: Ep.13 "Homies Power Level Friday".


Sly found Hipo while spelunking in the caves of Minecraft and, due to the harmless nature of small slimes, Sly decided to keep him as a pet so he named him, because "hipo" was his former girlfriend's favorite word in Spanish, then lead him home. Sadly, Sly seemingly accidentally killed Hipo when trying to open up a path for him to hop through. Sly started another Minecraft series named Road To Hipo, in which one of his main objectives was to find Hipo. It is worth noting that Sly refers to finding Hipo, rather than another Hipo or his brother etc. therefore it is unknown whether Hipo faked his own death in the previous series. Hipo appeared again in Slyfox's series Minecraft Marriage, where he found Hipo when mining in a cave (he mistakenly thought of him as a Creeper). During the series he had a "wife" and Hipo was his "son." He lead him back to their home but Hipo once again drowned and at the end of the episode they held a small "funeral." During a Homiecraft Power Level Friday on July 20, 2012, they were once again reunited. Hipo was accompanied by a second Hipo, but Sly was only interested in his original friend. He did search for Hipo's friend (Hipo Two, as Sly called him), but to no avail.

On July 28, 2012 Sly recorded his Homies Power Level Saturday, and at the 48:00 minute mark, he was once again reunited with Hipo (Sly claimed Hipo went to Macy's, but found nothing there).


  • Hipo means "hiccup" in Spanish.
  • Sly, uses Hipo to refer to slimes in general.
  • Others such as the Creatures also call slimes Hipo.