The Homies (also known as Lokillos/Lokillas on his spanish channel) are the name of Sly 's fanbase.


The Homies have been greatly recognized for their supportive and loving attitude towards Sly, as well as each other. The old rumor of Homies and Nobs (Immortal 's fanbase) not getting along is extremely false. In fact, it is almost universally acknowledged that many of the early subscribers of Immortal's second, renewed channel (ImmortalHDFilms) were Homies that Sly told to watch Immortal after the original ImmortalHD channel was hacked.

In mid-2013, Sly told the Homies that if he got over 9000 likes on a certain video/series, he would post more of it immediately (except Minecraft Daily , as it would contradict the "Daily" part of the series) This got the Homies very hyped up. After Sly got sick and posted videos more slowly, he stopped using the system, but occasionally still gets Homies to aim for a certain number of likes on certain videos.

Two songs have come out regarding the Homies as badass subscribers, and a new kind of family for Sly. The songs are: 'Homies Unite ' by Stuck in Your Radio, and 'Homies Drop The Bass ' by Brother Blake.

The main slogan for the Homies is 'Homies Unite!'. Show your support by standing by that motto, and not giving up. 


  • There's a Homie Version of 'Homies Drop The Bass - BrotherBlake', featured in this video .
  • On videos that are not on Sly's channel but are still related to Sly, it is Homie protocol to say "H.U." instead of "Homies Unite" out of respect of the uploader's fanbase.
  • He calls his Spanish fans on his Spanish channel Lokillos and Lokillas.