Aleks/ Immortal HD is a friend and Homie of Sly. He used to play bass in Stuck in Your Radio. As of December 26, 2014 Sly confirmed that Aleks/ImmortalHD is no longer a part of Stuck in Your Radio. Immortal was also a Creature but has left to create CowChop with James (UberHaxorNova), a gaming channel.


Early Life and YoutubeEdit

Aleks lived in Russia until about the age of eight, then he moved to the United States. He said on Creature Talk that he was adopted. His first language is actually Russian, but he told his viewers during a live stream that he actually lost his accent after living in the States for so long, but he never lost his love for vodka. He then went to college taking graphic design, where he discovered, much like Sly, it just wasn't "his thingy" and so he dropped out. By then, he already had a pretty successful channel going. Immortal began making Halo 3 machinimas, which you can't find anymore because he was hacked and got most of his videos deleted. After that he deleted them all for a fresh start.

Relationship with SlyEdit

A few years ago, Immortal was hacked. The hacker deleted most of his videos, which led to Immortal deleting them all and "start over". To help support Immortal, Sly made a video asking his subscribers (his Homies ) to check out Immortal's channel. Immortal has been featured in several series with Sly such as Sly Breaks Friends, Minecraft Marriage with Rachel and Mitty, The Last Update and The Survival Games with Seamus. Immortal still has Sly listed number two after The Creature Hub on his recommended channels. Sly, however, has removed Immortal from his. Sly has said that he's on good terms with all the creatures, though so maybe Immortal's removal means nothing.

His current channel is called ImmortalHDfilms.

Becoming a CreatureEdit

Aleks lived in Colorado with Sly near The Creature House, allowing him to make more in-person appearances with the Creatures. The two would often make update videos together and do Playing Gamez on Sly's channel. Immortal was inducted into the Creatures when Kootra said he was the new Creature while holding up a water bottle at RTX 2013. This led the other Creatures to joke that the water bottle was actually the new Creature. It was revealed in Episode 77 of Creature Talk that the whole water bottle gag was planned and they tried to point out that Immortal was not a Creature. However, a tweet from GaLm caused the gag to be interpreted as the induction of Immortal into the Creatures. After discussing it at dinner later that night, they made Immortal a Creature. He later left on 4/28/16 due to creative differences.

Series & games with Sly Note: this is not finished

Name Episodes Date Notes
Minecraft Marriage 1-60 Oct 16 2011-Jan 19 2013 Immortal called it Wifey Craft
Road To Kobe! 1-15 Nov 8-28 2011 Also with Sp00n and Lucie
The Super Tired Games 1-3 Feb 14 2012
Minecraft Daily 10-15, 37-40, 78-81, 171-206, 216-225, 235-255, 266-295, 300 Immortal only uploaded the parts with Pokemon mod