Jerry Frederico de la Cantilla de la Suerte de Margarita de Jarrvarres del Guarda de el Trecero or Jerry for short was a pet bird in Homiecraft. He first appears in Episode 90.


He was a green bird from the mod Mo' Creatures that was found in a cave near Sly's house. Jerry spent all his time with Sly in the same cave Sly was mining in. He was known for helping Sly glide down the ravine near his house.

As a child he was picked on and his mother packed his Lunchables, as any child would want described by Sly. Not much is known about his life before Sly came to him or any other information due to his short cut life.

He tragically died in a creeper explosion when Sly was returning to the surface. Sly made a gravesite and left Jerry a book for heaven. The gravesite read:

The most
Gangsta Bird
4 lyf