James 'Nova' Wilson, Jr. is a friend and Homie of Sly. He is part of The Creatures and is mainly known for his rather inappropriate gags and raging.

His YouTube name, along with his name in other games such as Minecraft, is UberHaxorNova.


James previously lived with his Mom and dogs in Lancaster, Pennsylvania before moving to the Creature House in Colorado with the other Creatures. Nova started out making Machinima videos on his channel in 2008 along with some short Let's Play videos of various games. Eventually the focus of his channel changed from machinima to commentaries on a whole.

Relationship with Sly Edit

He met Sly through Creature Talk and they started to do series together. Once Sly became a Creature, they set up some iconic series such as Ex-Comm.

Series with SlyEdit

Note: this is not finished; Episodes will be on Sly's count if Sly uploaded it.

Name Date Episodes Notes
Minecraft MP:Sand Adventure Mar 5, 2011 1 Also with Kootra and Fable
Pokemon Online Mar 21, 2011 1 Nova didn't upload
Criswelvania: Minecraft Custom Map Mar 26-Apr 7 2011 1-Finale
The Temple of the Gods Mar 27, 2011 1
Portal 2 Co-Op Apr 19-May 20 2011 1-27
The Game OF Life Jun 19-22 2011 1-4 Also with SSoH
CoD:Black Ops, Annihilation Map Pack Jun 28-Jul 2 2011 1-8 Also with SSoH and Sp00n
Black Ops Jul 17-18 2011 1-4 Also with Pbat, AJ, Gassy and Sp00n
Team Fortress 2 Aug 20-Sep 4, 2011 1-6 Also with Kootra
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal:Online  Nov 22-Dec 5 2012 1-10
Minecraft Daily Dec 6 2012-Apr 2013 33-40, 78-81, 143-149 Nova only uploaded eps 33-36 and 143-149 on his channel; Also with Kevin, Immortal, Steven, Michael, Kootra and SSoH
GhostCraft Jan 12-18 2013 1-6 Also with Steven, Ze and Kevin; Nova didn't upload.
Survival Games Mar 30 2013-Apr 6 2013 5-13 Also with Kootra
Treetopia Aug 6 2013-Jun 23 2014 1-19, 24-42, 54-63, 77-88, 96-121 Uploaded on thecreaturehub