PuppyNurse is Sly's second dog.

History Edit

Puppy Nurse has appeared in Sly's videos "The Chase 2" and "Meet Puppy Nurse," along with short appearances in Facetime videos and being heard in the background of some gameplays. Currently PuppyChef is the only dog living with Sly in his apartment, as he did not wish to take PuppyNurse and PuppyCop away from his parents who had grown attached to them. In addition, it was easier for Sly to take PuppyChef, as Puppychef was not used to Sly's old house and it would be the easiest for her to get used to the new apartment. Sly lives very close to his parents' house and constantly visits PuppyCop and PuppyNurse. Puppy Nurse made a very large appearence in Sly's Puppy Pool Party