Steven "SCMowns2" is a friend of Sly's and has added a lot of mods to Sly's various Minecraft series. He is also a friend of the Creatures and has also added mods for their series as well.


Steven's original Minecraft-related YouTube channel "SCMowns" was abruptly taken down after a third copyright strike in early January 2012 due to "repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement". The channel had around 16,000 subscribers at the time of its deletion.

A new channel, aptly named "SCMowns2," was created, and has now become his main channel. His videos mostly involve showcasing Minecraft mods and tutorials on how to install them. He occasionally uploads Let's Plays although this is a rare occurrence. The channel has over 338,000 subscribers as of October 2014.

Relationship with SlyEdit

He is a friend of Sly's who invited him as a guest on Minecraft Daily and eventually he became a main member. He adds a lot of mods to Sly's different Minecraft series.

Series with SlyEdit

Note this is not finished

Name Date Episodes Notes
Minecraft Daily Nov 24 2012-Aug 28 2014 21-32, 37-40, 45-81, 90-91, 102-142, 156-170, 185-206, 216-234, 247-300, 306-365
Super Minecraft Daily Sep 10 2014- 1-6, 25-