Seamus 'SSoH' O'Doherty is a friend of Sly's and a member of the Creatures. He is also known as SSoHPKC.


Outside Of YoutubeEdit

Before his career in YouTube, Seamus worked at his local Target for three and a half years which caused him to have an extreme hatred for it. He quit Target around March 5th, 2011 to make YouTube his day job. For many different reasons, Seamus has a hatred for Target, one being that the female shoppers were all old women trying to hit on him. Then, when he quit and went back to shop there, there were now young women shopping there. He also took college classes. He stated that all this was horrible and 'poopy'.

Seamus previously lived in Chicago. In February 2012, he moved to the Creature House in Colorado with some of the other Creatures, before moving into his own Apartment in early 2013. He is currently dating and living with AshhBearr, a fellow YouTuber. He also has a pet cat named Mr. Meowgi (despite the name the cat is a girl).


The reason Seamus started his YouTube career was because he saw some people doing commentaries on YouTube. He liked it and thought he could do it too and used it for stress relief. Although it was rocky and slow at first, he eventually raised to what he is now, getting paid well after getting his account partnered by YouTube. To get more popular, Seamus went to a group similar to Machinima, Game Anyone (his old intros were him saying "This video is brought to you and part by Game"). He stayed with them for a while but he quit it when he got picked up by Machinima. His channel was created on February 17th, 2008 and his first video he uploaded was not until about 8 months later on October 9th, 2008.

Relationship With SlyEdit

Seamus met Sly when Sly Stared on Creature Talk, this later came to Sly joining the Creatures. When Sly was in the Creatures Seamus and him would stream together every week. Seamus was also a guest in Minecraft Daily as well as a regular in The Last Update and Ex-Comm.

Series & games with SlyEdit

Note: this is not finished

Name Episodes Date Notes
CoD:Black Ops, Annihilation Map Pack 1-8 Jun 28 2011- Jul 2 2011 Also with Nova and Sp00n
 Minecraft: The Ex-Communicated Series 1-75 Aug 14 2011-Dec 11 2012 Also with Nova
CoD: Mw2, Preparing for Mw3 4-7 Sep 19-Oct 3, 2011
The Last Update 1-28 May 23 2012-Nov 9 2012 Also with Immortal
Borderlands 2 Co Op 1-56  Sep 18 2012-Dec 4 2012 Not Finished
Minecraft Daily 143-149 Mar 28 2013-Apr 1 2013 Also with Kootra and Nova
BattleBlock Theater 1-16 Apr 28 2013-Aug 3 2013 Not Finished