Spencer Lovell is an employee of The Creatures and he edited videos for Sly when he was still in the group.


Spencer's twitter and youtube name are both under the name Yabaecip ( and Little infomation is known about Spencer. He is thought to have began working for The Creatures sometime in February 2014. Sly said in his playthrough of FarSky that Spencer started as a fan and now works in the office.

Work RoleEdit

Sly stated in episode 13 of Farsky that Spencer is The Creatures official editor. However, we know Dan is known for editing, so Spencer must be editor for select series.


  • Spencer is the drummer/base player for The Ghoulies.
  • Since he has edited Sly's series, there's a possibility that he was initally hired by Sly.

Series of Sly's that he has been known to editEdit

  • FarSky
  • Achieve To Craft
  • Homiecraft