Stuck in Your Radio is a band featuring Sly as lead vocals, Immortal on bass, Devin on lead guitar, John on rhythm guitar and CJ on drums. Originals were John, Sly, and CJ   

As of December 26, 2014 Sly confirmed that Immortal is no longer apart of the group.  


The band started about five years ago between Sly and his friends, including Tyler as their bassist at the time, when they produced four songs, including Make This Your Dance Floor which was used in Sly's intros and got the band into the internet limelight. The band went into a hiatus for a while but reformed again, taking on Aleks (ImmortalHD) to replace Tyler and recording new songs. In February 2012, the band released their first digital EP: self-titled and featuring 6 songs.  In late April of 2013, Sly released a Tumblr post regarding Stuck In Your Radio's new songs. It was said that they are hoping to release the 4 new songs by the end of the summer. After another silence, tweets and tumblr posts from Sly and the band's facebook started cropping up in October 2013. They continued for the next few months, and in the beginning of February 2014, Sly posted a clip of one of the new songs. They did not announce a release date but said that they were "finishing up recording" in February. Again, this was not the case as in late May 2014, Sly (and possibly Aleks) went to PA to finish four songs. On May 23rd Sly tweeted that they had finished two songs in one day. They also had a series on Sly's channel called "SIYR Plays" where they would play various games. The first game in the series was "New Super Mario Bros. Wii". 


Non-EP songs

Stuck In Your Radio – EP

Better Late Then Never - EP

- Today is the day - Young hearted kids - My last mistake - Make this your own