The Homie Server was Sly's public server that most Homies used until it was merged with the Creature Minecraft Server.


It was оriginated as a Hamachi server created by DryNinja (Filip/Rand0mWorld) and hosted by Zezoz (Viktor) as a fan server. It was eventually port forward hosted by Theo (TheodoreTheDwarf/Theo_Shiio) and gained plugins and some more proper server running tools, and expanded to around 3,500 homies. It was then transfered to Boukan1 (Goobzz) for three days until "his computer fucked up" (quote by Xiraan) until it was transferred to SonicBang (Scott/EpikSonic). It was ulitmately transferred to Sam (Gberdimuhammedov/Xiraan) in Summer of 2012. The server became known as the Official Homie Server after Sly recorded this video  on November 20, 2012. Once Sam began hosting, he began implementing more "servers" best described as servers within servers. Creative was added, and the Survival server was changed to PvP. Survival Games was added later, which became the main attraction of the server due to Sly and Kootra playing there during Wake up with Sly And Kootra, as well as Sly's first survival games video on the server with ImmortalHD. Eventually, the server was hosted by CraftNode in 2013, and has grown exponentially through working with them. CraftNode also hosts the Minecraft Daily server.


The Piecraft Team  is a group of admins and mods created by Sam that record youtube videos together, ranging from Machinimas to Let's Plays, though mostly Minecraft oriented. Sam left the group in 2013 to focus on his youtube channel, XiraanMC

Homie TalkEdit

Homie Talk was a monthly "show" hosted by Justin and Holly (often accompanied by other staff) that featured the best builders and overall homies every Friday at 5:30 PM EST. The show usually took place on twitch. The past homietalks along with present ones will be shown here.


  • A 24 hour livestream called "Communithon" took place in January of 2013, hosted by Jared. Streamers such as AriaBlarg and Turwaithion_ participated, as well as Jaimie and ThePiecraftTeam. A large amount of this stream was spent playing on the Homie Server, as well as Super Craft Bros with SCMowns. You can view gameplay of SCB here.
  • At PAX East 2013, Sam picked up a collection of adorable plush Potatos. The leader of the Pack became Fredrick, who was so popular he got his own twitter. Fredrick has since become a kind of mascot for the Homie Server, and has become popular among the homies. 
  • Haudquaquam was a mysterious figure that comes from a land unknown. Nothing is known about him, except for the fact that he is Dan and Sam's alt account that they share
  • Sly's Random speech found on the homie server map, put together from 4 screenshot
  • Staff from The Homie Server setup an server dedicated to ImmortalHD,
  • Sly says he loves all his staff and respects his Pr's those who include smidge(sophie) and vanessa