The Last Update
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Started May 23, 2012
Status On Indefinite Hiatus
Participants SSoHPKC,

ImmortalHD, XxSlyFoxHoundxX

Channels SSoHPKC,

ImmortalHD, XxSlyFoxHoundxX

Episodes 28
The Last Update was a Minecraft series featuring Sly, Immortal and Seamus. After the Minecraft Hunger Games series.


The three commentators were planning on reaching the End by finding a stronghold. However, the three have stated that they will probably fall well short of this goal. Seamus early on herded some pet rabbits which he constantly forces to mate, or "have rabbit sex", as he says. Sly at one point says they are "massive" due to their big size. Sly also had many pets, including rabbits, snakes, birds, and ostriches, under his house, calling it his "Animal Kingdom". As well, Immortal has an untamed ostrich which is stuck on his roof.

Unfortunately, all of Sly's Animal Kingdom, which he intended to use for his version of Noah's Ark, had to be killed since they were causing massive frame drops and lag in the server.The episode in which the ostriches caused the lag.

Memes and Inside JokesEdit

In the first few episodes of this series, there was an ongoing inside joke/meme where the three commentators impersonated characters from the Dolan Duk (Donald Duck) meme. Sly had a Dolan Duk skin, Seamus had a Gooby (Goofy) skin and Immortal, though he tried to join in on the meme, his Tasmanian Devil skin fell flat, because although the Dolan Duk meme has some Warner Brothers characters in it (including Dafty and Bogs) The Tasmanian Devil isn't in the meme. This inside joke most likely started due to Sly, who while doing a Let's Play/Walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts, he calls the characters Donald Dolan and Goofy Gooby.

Starting from Episode 8 onward, Seamus's skin turned to Mario with a strange "derpy" face (the face was copied from Seamus' previous skin of a man in just an underwear, who Seamus says was in a car accident), Sly as Iron Man (or Silver Man as he enjoys calling it), and Immortal as Optimus Prime with a jacket.


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  • Some fans have speculated that this was a replacement for The Ex-Communicated Series since Seamus, Sly, and Nova expressed that they would end it due to the Treehouse series.
    • However on an episode of Creature Talk, Nova, Seamus, and Sly stated that Ex-Communicated was not dead and that they were looking to reboot the series, which has been proven true.